US Corporate Tax Compliance

  • Preparation of US corporate tax returns
  • Federal tax returns
  • Multistate apportionment
  • Assistance for calculations of Earnings and Profits for US subsidiaries
  • Assistance in calculations of tax provisions for US subsidiaries in accordance with ASC 740
  • Preparation of US protective treaty based returns
  • Preparation of US partnership returns

US Corporate Tax Advisory

  • Expansion in the US - branch vs. subsidiary
  • Assistance with tax treaty interpretation at US Federal and State level
  • State nexus analysis
  • Assistance with US assignments of personnel
  • Investment in US real estate

Withholding Certificates

  • Form W-9
  • Form W-8 series:
  • Form W-8BEN
  • Form W-8BEN-E
  • Form W-8ECI
  • Form W-8EXP
  • Form W-8IMY
  • Form 8233


  • Form 8938
  • Filing requirements
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