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We offer outsourcing of US tax preparation to both US based and non-US tax practices.


Our experienced tax professionals can prepare most types of US tax returns while your employees focus on higher value services. We can prepare individual, corporate and partnership income tax returns, as well as informational tax returns such as Forms 1099 and 1042/1042-S. Our team of highly qualified US tax professionals are fully proficient in English. All work is supervised and reviewed by a US qualified CPA.


The process of outsourcing tax work is fairly straightforward. You scan client tax documents into a .pdf file and upload to our AM/NL based secured server. If you are using a web based tax preparation software, such as ProSystems/GlobalFx or Go System, you may provide a member of our staff with access so the work can be done directly in your account. Alternatively, where e-filing is not required, we can prepare the return and provide you with a .pdf printout that you can simply transmit to your client for signature and filing.


We pride ourselves with quick turnaround and we do our best to follow an agreed in advance timing schedule. The information is usually reviewed within 24 hours of receipt and a kick off call is scheduled to discuss the scope of the work and the terms of delivery.


Our fees depend on the type of return you require and the complexity involved, but as a general guidance our fees will be consistent with the fees we charge clients who choose to engage our services directly. You may refer to our fee schedule for more details.


Please email us at info@taxential.com or use our inquiry submission form to contact us and we will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to working with you!



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