IRS Announced The Beggining of 2018 Tax Filing Season; Deadline for approximately 155 Million Tax Returns is April 17, 2018

The Internal Revenue Service announced on Monday that it successfully started accepting and processing 2017 federal individual income tax returns.

Due to a Washington, D.C., holiday Emancipation Day this year tax filing deadline is later - taxpayers have until Tuesday, April 17 to file their 2017 returns and pay any taxes due with no interest or penalty imposed. Same apply to extension filers though they will have time until October 15 to file their returns.

Usually, the IRS issues around 90% of in less than 21 days. The only exception is for tax returns that claim the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit which could expect to have their entire refunds available starting on February 27, 2018 as requested by the law.

“Where's My Refund?”, IRS mobile application, online tools and other filing assistance are available at the Service website. Taxpayers also can go to to securely access information about their federal tax account.

Be sure to have all your year-end statements in hand before filing. This includes W-2 forms from employer, 1099 forms from banks and other payers, and all other and foreign income supporting statements.

Lastly, in case you use an ITIN on your tax return - don’t forget to renew it to avoid refund delay, and remember - no matter who prepares your federal tax return, by signing it you, the taxpayer, bears the ultimate legal responsibility for the accuracy of all information included so choose your tax preparer wisely.


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